Passivhaus Windows UK

Passivhaus Windows UK – What Are They?

Passivhaus windows UK can help you to achieve true comfort and exceptional energy efficiency. Passivhaus is a building standard, rather than a brand name. When you buy Passivhaus triple pane windows, you know you are benefitting from true quality as they are built based on a construction concept that is tried and tested. These windows lead to cooling and heating-related energy savings of up to 75 per cent when compared with typical new builds and 90 per cent when compared with average building stock. Passivhaus renders traditional heating systems as unnecessary due to its excellent heat recovery, internal heat sources and efficient use of the sun.

Comfortable And Affordable Passivhaus Bespoke Windows

Not only do Passivhaus windows UK wide excel in terms of energy efficiency, but they also provide outstanding levels of comfort, and they do so at incredible prices. So, how is such comfort achieved? Well, Passivhaus windows feature a ventilation system, which imperceptibly provides constant fresh air, ensuring no draughts and improved air quality.

This window system also keeps warmth inside the house by using a highly insulated floor slab and roof for the window and building envelope. In terms of affordability, you will spend a considerably lower amount of money on heating your house per year due to the vast energy savings.

Stunning Passivhaus Windows From Zyle Fenster UK

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